My internship with She’s Social: Week 11/12: Clerical skills

Hi Blog world,

This week, I am going to combined two weeks of blogs into one.

Last week, I really enjoyed my work assignment-I got to choose music that was basic on a theme for an upcoming radio show. I enjoy music in general, so this assignment was right up my alley! The type of music I looked up where rap and R and B songs. Most people are surprised to learn that I like both rap and R and B. I generally listen to country, however I enjoy all different kinds of music.

I can’t wait to look up music for another show again. This helped me understand some of the basics of how a radio show is produced. Since, I got to look up the music, it helped me understand the research that I did for the show. The research I did for the show was interesting; I enjoy doing research and learning new things.

This week, I did some basic clerical work-sending out letters to local business for an upcoming event. This assignment helped me work on my basic research skills, since I have to look up their contact information.

Blog soon,

Amanda Gene

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