Personal Development: Filling out job applications and interviewing skills

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This past week I learned about how to fill out job applications and about resumes. Since I’ve been looking for a job for a year I felt like this part of the class was like a review. Even though I already have a resume, my case worker looked  it over. I am glad that she did this because I found out that having an objective on my resume would help my resume look more professional. I also set up an appointment with career services and that meeting went fine, and I found it very helpful when it came to getting feedback on how to write objectives.

I also learned about important interviewing skills. One in particular was how to disclose my disability. I feel awkward talking about my disability to an employer. Sometimes its hard to answer the questions they may have about my disability or questions they may have about my equipment.  Another issue that we talked about was the use of my white cane and if I should use it during my job interview. All in all, I learned that I have to do what’s best for me, and that its better to disclose your disability to an employer so that way everyone will be on the same page.

Another topic we discussed is how I feel about having a disability. Personally, I have mixed feeling about having a disability. This is because I was told, I was in late primary school, about my disability. I have also had to learn how to deal with the experiences, both negative and positive, about having a disability.  To me it’s about learning how to accept  my disability. This is one of the ways I can reach my goal of being happy.

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Amanda Gene

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